Sheri Fitts, President,
ShoeFitts Marketing

I’ll Tell You Everything I Know.

But first, let’s make a proper introduction. As President of ShoeFitts Marketing, I bring 24 years of experience in the financial services marketplace to your table. As a speaker and marketer, I share my successes and strategies (plus those difficult but highly valuable “learning moments”—we have no secrets here).

Who invites me to speak? Broker/Dealers, record keeping firms, DCIO providers, national and regional associations, and financial services organizations—for a start. Essentially, I teach industry professionals how to leverage content marketing and develop a fine-tuned brand and social media strategy to stand out in their sector, attract more business and increase revenue.

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I Keep It Real and Make it Stick.

You can engage me to present keynote addresses, breakout sessions, webinars, day-long boot camps…you name it. But what are my presentations like? Here’s what people have to say about them:

“Sheri, thank you for your incredible insight, delivery and engagement during our whirlwind seven-stop roadshow for our Fuel Your Business program. The best part was how you facilitated interaction with the workshop attendees. It was amazing to see the majority of the room stand up when you asked if they were going to make a change based upon what they’d learned. Every event generated a buzz in the audience and all the content that you developed and delivered was very well received. You were great to work with!” — Deborah Rubin, CFP, SVP, TPA Channel Development and Distribution, Transamerica Retirement Solutions

“Sheri, your presentation Social Selling Can Skyrocket Your Business was a true highlight at our recent event. The audience gave you rave reviews – ‘Sheri presented extraordinary content and demonstrated excellent presentation skills!’ ‘Her insights on social selling were motivating and her ideas will help our firm keep up with the times.’ ‘Sheri’s session was the most immediately actionable!’ You really know your stuff and have an incredible ability to involve the whole group. We can’t wait to book you again.” — Ivana Polonijo, Manager, Retirement Services, M Financial

“Sheri delivered an inspiring and session on the last day of our signature client event that was thought-provoking and impactful. Even though she was speaking to a diverse audience of professionals, Sheri was able to grab their attention and offer practical examples for how to survive in today’s digital world. It didn’t matter what their background or industry, everyone in the audience took away several actionable steps. Her ‘survival guide’ was a great takeaway.” — Pat Advaney, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Transamerica Investments & Retirement

“I really enjoyed Sheri Fitts presentation at the Western Pension and Benefits Conference event. She provided great insights about how professionals can improve their networking both online and off. And, even more importantly, focused on how to plan and implement the ideas she presented. It was a fun presentation packed with incredibly useful information. Every financial services professional should learn this stuff!” — Greg Koleno, Vice President, DCIO Division, American Century Investments

One more thing: With me, there’s no such thing as a typical presentation. I customize the content and delivery of each session to suit your needs, policies, and preferences. That said, here are the topics I specialize in. Call me when you’re ready to engage!

Speaking Topics

See some of Sheri’s most popular talks:

Your Brand. Your Business. Your Bottom Line.

Get the secret code behind a passion-powered brand and how it can help increase your bottom line and become more meaningful to your clients.

Ready, Set, Social

Learn how to integrate social media into all of your marketing efforts and engage fully with the social sphere.

Social Selling

Discover how to integrate social media into day-to-day outreach efforts, truly engage within the social sphere and optimize your relationships with prospects and clients.

Networking 2.0: Build Credibility, Develop Relationships and Create Opportunities

Learn how to launch an effective Networking 2.0 game plan ― one that will help build credibility, develop relationships and stay connected!

Deconstructing Digital

Hear how to effectively and efficiently promote, attract and engage with your clients in the digital space.

The Mathematics of Marketing

Understand the mathematics of marketing and how to use them to kick start your firm’s marketing process and multiply your opportunities.

Surviving the Over-Wired World

Learn how to successfully thrive in an overwired world.

Changing Participant Behavior

Explore participant behavior and get people to sign up, save more and make smart investment decisions with behavior design and behavioral finance concepts and their similarities and differences.

Getting Generational

Understand how various generations view their work, families and lives when it comes to retirement planning, and how to effectively bridge, transcend and engage these generational differences.

Plus there’s more!

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