Ready to gain a true competitive advantage and have a real process for social outreach? Ready to stop the
cold calling run around? Ready to build your
social selling muscles?

Learn how to power up your sales with my
Virtual Social Selling Bootcamp.

No whiners or wimps allowed. It’s a bootcamp after all.

What if you had a rock-solid system to navigate the social world, build your network, increase brand awareness and grow sales?

You’ve likely heard of the success some people are having by using social in their sales efforts. But you don’t know where to get started, not to mention HOW to get started.

It’s really not that difficult.

While some components of social selling aren’t new to the sales world, others are. And, while the social world might seem complex and require hours a day for any ROI,
many are quite simple – and successful.

It may just require a shift in your perspective.

Even so, many people don’t feel quite ready. The risk
seems too high. The time required seems too intense. 

So they just bow out. 


Is This Bootcamp for You?

Q. Who is the Social Selling Bootcamp for?
A. I speak often about the role of branding, marketing  and the intersection of social selling. Many folks are interested in hiring me to help them kick-start their efforts. Unfortunately, my fee often is a barrier -- straight up. I created the Social Selling Bootcamp as an avenue to teach and support a group of people in their desire to step into the world of social selling.  The Social Selling Bootcamp is for anyone in a SALES role in the financial services arena. Financial advisors, financial planners, mutual fund wholesalers, insurance agents, investment consultants, employee benefits advisors, and more.  

Q. What if my compliance department is still in the stone age?
A. Given the importance of compliance, I'll dedicated a full module to arm you with the knowledge and resources to stay out of the regulatory quick sand. This is also a very critical point, the information you'll learn in the Cyber Sleuthing modules alone will help you expand your network, use the power of weak links, and target specific prospects while staying inside any compliance boundaries. Don't let compliance stop you from expanding your social reach and social selling power. 

Q. Technology isn't my strong suit.

A. The Social Selling Bootcamp is an eight-module course packed with resources, guides, checklists, hands-on instruction AND more than 30 tutorial videos. My job is to ensure you've got the help you need to get the results you want. Each and every unit within the course focuses on a specific piece of the social selling puzzle. Need help optimizing your LinkedIn profile? There's a video for that! Want to know how to use the information gleaned from the social world to rock your sales calls? There's a guide, check sheet and video for that. 

Q. Why change now?
A. No one searches for me on Google. All of my clients are referral. You know what? I agree. The relationship with people and their money must be founded in trust.  But things are changing.  No matter which demographic you serve, the fact remains: The Internet has disrupted the way we acquire information and interact with the world and it’s shaping an entirely new idea of what’s possible in wealth management. Responding to the digital demand is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.  Unfortunately most advisors neglect their websites, their online presence and their digital communications. They fail to see how social networking builds connections, increases credibility, develops thought leadership and grows sales. They are ignoring the huge potential of Generation D (digital).  Generation D is an emerging and growing cross-generational cohort of 75 million investors, with more than $27 trillion in assets. They are defined by their deeply digital lifestyle. They are well-educated, socially savvy, active and engaged investors with a healthy dose of skepticism for the financial services arena. Rather than simply trusting their financial advisor, this generation seeks to VALIDATE financial advisors online before meeting with them. No digital presence? No social strategy? 
No piece of that $27 trillion pie.

Most People Jump onto
the Social Sphere and
Waste Time!

They head on over to LinkedIn and browse random profiles, possibly sending out a connection request or two. They might even look to see who’s viewed their profile, or comment on an update. They’re inconsistent and scattered. No wonder their efforts result in little to no ROI.  
The Virtual Social Selling Bootcamp will stop the social
media time suck.

What is the Virtual Social Selling Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is a self-paced, online training program, broken down into smaller, manageable modules. All focused on  teaching you the process to power up your sales and relationship management
efforts within the world of social media.

Focusing primarily on LinkedIn, the program provides step-by-step advice, tips, worksheets, videos and resources to ensure you have the foundation you’ll need for social selling. 

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get!

In addition to the easily manageable interface,
I’ve created everything you need for success: Tons of handouts, tip sheets, and checklists 34 exclusive tutorial videos, with click-by-click instructions. Hands on guidance and weekly, personalized, live help from me to iron out issues, call you on the carpet, and help you power up your social selling. In addition, you'll have ongoing access to the course materials and super secret access to our private LinkedIn group to meet other students, compare notes, and get connected with a community of like-minded, growth oriented individuals.

You'll Get the Support and Know How to: 

* Create a powerful personal and business brand

* Optimize your profile for maximum visibility
* Build a laser-like focus on the right relationships
* Attract high-quality connections and grow your 
network in a meaningful and productive way

* Smash through gate keepers and
eliminate the need for another cold call

* Share the right content, know what to say, how to say it, and create a repeatable system for ongoing top-of-mind outreach

* Cybersleuth like a rock star. Take advantage of your weak links. Network to meet the right people for the right reasons,
with a focus on the right results. 



Hey there. It is great meet you!
For more than 10 years (yep, 10 years!), I’ve been teaching the financial community about the social arena. I know the potential pitfalls and I know the exact steps for success. And,  I know the common compliance complaints. (I even have a plan for you to navigate social selling without stepping on any compliance toes!)

I have over 25 years in the financial services arena. You don't need to teach me about your business. I've walked in your shoes. And, rather than a rah-rah-post-post-post-social-networking popularity contest, I focus on what is involved in using the social arena for sales. Everything I teach has been carefully crafted to ensure you out connect, out care, and OUTSELL the competition.

Sheri Fitts, Shoe Fitts Marketing