ShoeFitts l Smarsh Webinar: Is Anyone Listening?

October 15, 2014 @ 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Want in on a social media secret that’s easy and can help your business? Listen. Yes, it’s that simple: craft listening channels. Listen to industry thought leaders. Listen to your clients and prospects. And, listen to your competitors.

Granted, social media is a great way to make and keep connections. However, many of those platforms can also be very educational. With a couple of clicks on LinkedIn, you can find and follow the latest news affecting financial services and possible business implications. Hear something useful for your clients? Pass along the news and tell them why it’s important.

Similarly, craft listening channels to follow your clients, prospects, and competitors. It’s easy, and those channels let you track executive changes, company expansions, and pertinent financial news.

With the “Is Anyone Listening?” webinar, social media strategist Sheri Fitts of ShoeFitts Marketing, lets you in on the secrets for crafting an affective listening channel.

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