Webinar: Understand Your Audience, Understand Your Platform

September 24, 2014 @ 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

ShoeFitts and Smarsh invite advisors to a social media webinar.

Understand Your Audience, Understand Your Platform
Are your clients and prospects fans of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Or do they use all three social media sites? Do you know the answer, and equally important, do you know the differences between the various platforms and how best to use each channel?

Social media is a great business tool, but only when used with knowledge and purpose. You must understand your audience and their social media preferences, and how those preference evolves over time. For instance, LinkedIn is very popular with working professionals but many of those same people turn to Facebook upon retirement. Those preferences must also be paired with the content, tone, and text length appropriate for each platform.

Learn how to clarify your audience preferences and understand how best to reach them on social media in Understand Your Audience; Understand the Platforms, the September webinar by social media strategist Sheri Fitts of ShoeFitts Marketing.

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