Money Quotient Retreat

September 18, 2014 – September 19, 2014 all-day

Money Quotient holds a Retreat every other year to bring together members of the M.Q. Community. The Retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore the depth and breadth of life-centered, values-based financial planning.

The 2014 Retreat will focus on how to more effectively help your clients use money to make a life rather than using their lives to make money. Advisors who gravitate to a holistic, Financial Life Planning approach, seem to have an innate desire to help their clients lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Certainly guiding clients in clarifying their values and priorities and then establishing meaningful life and financial goals based on those values and priorities (the primary goal of M.Q. tools & processes) is a key element in fulfilling this important role. However, additional skills and knowledge can also help you be more effective as agents of positive change in your clients’ lives, and these elements will be the focus of our presentations and conversations.

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