Commonwealth Retirement Symposium


Some more analytical folks think that marketing requires a fair amount of creative flair. Flair often associated with the right-brained folks of our species. Flair that many business people may not have in their skill set. However, marketing—like many things, including music, engineering and graphic design—is mathematically based. It is a process of data, numbers and patterns. Like most anything in business, it simply requires a plan and a willingness to work the plan.

Learn how to use a systematic approach to kick start your firm’s marketing process and multiply your sales conversations and business development opportunities. In addition, you’ll

  • Gain clarity around the important role marketing and branding play in the sales process (particularly in today’s multi-channel, digital world)
  • Understand the magic of content, contact and consistency
  • Explore simple ways to hack the content creation conundrum
  • Learn how to develop your own powerful — and manageable — marketing plan
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