Making Your Marketing Unforgettable

That’s what ShoeFitts is all about. We’re a consulting organization at heart, drawing on decades of experience in the financial services marketplace, and actively working within your target markets.

As your training partner, we translate social media, branding, generational issues, business strategy and marketing into manageable steps for you, your team and your advisors.

As your industry partner, we bring you fresh content, strategy and engagement ideas to help you win and nurture more profitable business.

Whether you come to us to learn new techniques or choose customizable programs, we will make your experience and outcomes unforgettable.
Do we look like a good fit? See What We Do.

The ShoeFitts Team

Led by President Sheri Fitts, our team of 15 professionals includes marketing and social media experts, plus copywriters and copyeditors who produce stellar, SEO-rich website content for our clients.

All of us are extraordinarily well-versed in comprehensive financial services, retirement planning, and marketing. That means you don’t have to translate financial jargon and concepts for us—we get you, already, and we can often anticipate your needs.

Come to us for content development, branding, brand strategy, visuals, and the complete marketing packages that will safely showcase your unique offering—and make you unforgettable.