Let’s Get to 30%

Special Guest:
Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane

Episode 14: Let’s Get to 30%

Welcome back! On this week’s episode of Women Rocking Wall Street, I’ve invited Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane to speak about the Thirty Percent Coalition. I first heard about Charlotte in an article and was so excited to learn more about this organization, which was formed to encourage gender diversity in boardrooms.

The Thirty Percent Coalition has several committees, including Institutional Investor, Corporate Leaders and Public Sector Initiatives. The Institutional Investor committee is the most active and has sent letters—signed by state treasurers and institutional investors—to major public companies that do not have women on their boards. The impact of these letters has been profound, with about 20% of these companies adding women to their boards.

Meanwhile, the Corporate Leaders committee encourages CEOs and board chairs to also add more women to their boards, and the Public Sector Initiatives works with government and public officials to aid the efforts of gender diversity. Such great stuff!

Charlotte says the Thirty Percent Coalition enjoys a diverse membership base, in which every member is dedicated to making the mission possible. Although it’s going to be hard work to reach 30% in the next couple years, Charlotte says interest in the idea is definitely growing.

Once boards start looking at the gaps they need to fill, they will see that adding women is a wise business decision. I encourage everyone to examine their boards’ diversity. You can also look at your retirement plan investments and determine whether you are supporting funds from companies that embrace gender diversity. Ask yourself if you’re invested in organizations that align with your personal mission.

The Thirty Percent Coalition has a list of members and resources that may be of interest to women who want to learn more about these issues. These women are actively involved in coaching and working with women. Dr. Solange Charas, president of Charas Consulting, is an individual member of the Thirty Percent Coalition and happens to be next week’s guest on the Women Rocking Wall Street podcast. For more information about the Thirty Percent Coalition, you can also call 561.395.4581 or email Charlotte at clo@30percentcoalition.org. Stay tuned next week for Solange’s insights on getting along in business, versus getting ahead.

Keeping an Open Mind

Special Guest:
Ana Melikian

Keeping an Open Mind

You can imagine my excitement when a fellow podcaster agreed to be this week’s guest on Women Rocking Wall Street! Ana Melikian is the brains behind Mindset Zone, a podcast designed to help us all cultivate a “growth” mindset that fosters learning and new possibilities. The concept of fixed vs. growth mindset comes from psychologist Carol Dweck. In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, she explains why people succeed or fail based on a closed or open frame of mind. Ana says it’s particularly important for entrepreneurs to keep a growth mindset. For instance, some business owners may say to themselves, “I’m not good at sales. I just wasn’t born with that skill.” But having this fixed, limited way of thinking can be detrimental to a business. Even if you aren’t selling products, you’re still selling your services as a business owner. So don’t sell yourself short!

Our beliefs can determine who we are and what we achieve, so remember never to limit them! If you assume you won’t be good at something, then you’re closing the door to a possible opportunity in your career and life. Let’s say you tell yourself you’re bad at art, even though you’ve never really tried to draw. How do you know you’re bad? You may not become a famous artist, but you could pick up a new skill or hobby with a little effort and expand your mindset. Viewing it as “I was born with this skill/I wasn’t born with this skill” doesn’t foster growth. Rather, changing your mindset to “I have a choice” can help you find unexpected opportunities. To quote Viktor Frankl: “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

To get in touch with Ana and learn more about her podcast, visit Mindset.zone.

Looking forward to meeting with you next week! You’ll learn more about the power of 30%.

Be Bold Not Bitchy

Special Guest:
Erin Donley

Be Bold Not Bitchy

The words we tell ourselves and tell others are truly powerful. Erin Donley is here on this week’s episode of Women Rocking Wall Street to tell us how to use our words wisely. It’s important to examine our words, Erin says, and to act with compassion through them. In a world of instant communication through email, phone and social media, people don’t often think about what they’re saying before hitting send. But learning the art of communication examination can elevate you as a leader in the business world and show that you’re a communication role model. Rather than acting on emotion and impulse and being construed as impolite, it’s important to think about our message before sending or speaking. Erin suggests asking ourselves questions such as, “Is there a selfish need in this email?” “Am I being impatient?” “What do I secretly hope will happen if I send this email?”

When we’re emotionally tethered, “communication blind spots” occur. And this can sabotage what we’ve worked so hard to create in the workplace. Remember the saying, “You can’t read the label from the inside of the bottle.” It’s hard to see ourselves objectively, which is why it takes practice to communicate effectively. After all, email tones can be distorted through unexpressed expectations and stereotypes of both the sender and receiver. Communicating with thoughtfulness and creativity is sure to make you stand out from the crowd—all it takes is a little confidence and practice!

To speak with Erin and learn more about effective communication, check out her online communication training course: “How Should I handle this?” which explores communication roadblocks. Erin also offers in-person trainings. For more information, check out her website at erindonley.com.

Stay tuned next week for my chat with Ana Melikian, Book Yourself Solid Elite Certified Coach, who specializes in helping self-employed professionals with online marketing.