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We know the finance lingo, we have the industry
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Why Are You Still
Chasing Prospects?
Deliver Value, make connections and rock
sales with Social Selling for Financial Advisors.
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100 Tips for Social
Media Success
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Sheri Fitts - ShoeFitts Marketing
Women Rocking
Wall Street
From the teller window to the corner office,
women in finance mean business. Sheri
reveals their stories and top tips in this
weekly podcast.

ShoeFitts Marketing identifies, creates, and implements inspired marketing and social media strategies and solutions for their clients so those clients can focus on doing what they love.

We are experts within the retirement plan space with extensive insight and experience working within this regulated environment. How did all this know-how materialize? From decades of working in the financial services marketplace, of course.


Big Idea Focus Group – 401(k) Coach @ Ritz Carlton
Dec 3 – Dec 4 all-day

Deconstructing Digital: Creating a magnetic online brand.

In today’s mobile world, a robust marketing program must embrace all facets of the digital conversation. This means you need a firm understanding of the inter-workings and best practices for all the digital elements and how the pieces fit together. Learn how you can effectively and efficiently promote, attract and engage with your clients in the digital space!

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